Redbridge Panjabi Sabhiacharik (Cultural) Sabha

Serving the Community since 1983

History of Panjabi Centre

The Redbridge Panjabi Sabhiacharik (Cultural) Sabha was formed in February 1983. With little community facilities for South Asians, 169 signatures from Panjabi families were collected for a petition to support the need of a social and cultural centre. London East Gurdwara Singh Sabha (Sikh Temple) assisted with this requirement.


Over the next two years, dedicated men and women, along with the help of the Gurdwara Management Committee met regularly to plan, recruit, fundraise, market and clarify the purpose and need for such a centre to both the local community and the Redbridge Council.


On 19th March, 1984, the Ethnic Minorities Committee of the then Greater London Council awarded the community group a grant of 104,000 to purchase the premises it occupies today. On 22nd April 1984, the organisation was registered as a charitable trust with the Charity Commission and one week later purchased the premises that were to become known as the Panjabi Centre. The building was an old print factory and it took the organisation one year, with considerable assistance from the Panjabi community, and a further 50,000 from membership donations to renovate and convert it into suitable premises for community activities. The Panjabi Centre was formally inaugurated on 30th June 1985.

Panjabi Centre

293-297 Ley Street




Please contact the centre for further details:

Phone: 020 8478 4962



Mental Health Project Tel: 020 8553 2736


Mission Statement


To benefit the Asian Community, in particular the people of Panjabi ethnic origin in Redbridge and surrounding areas by advancing their education in matters relating to their mental and cultural matters, and by relieving poverty among such people.